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Ivory Pearl Bar

An establishment purely opened seafood, cocktails, laughs, and highly enjoyable dishes — the Ivory Pearl bar became a seafood emporium in Brookline, Massachusetts, where guests are anxious to enjoy a platter of delicious John's River's oysters or a finely made, exquisite cocktail. Join us on a journey that filled us up before getting to the entrees, and made us make a reservation for the second round.


On this seafood hideaway, it was as cosy as ever with the almost dim, ambient lights and the relaxing music. We started our seafood voyage with a dozen John's River oysters and the delicata squash. The oysters had a briny start, upon chewing once (or twice), you could feel the sweet creamy middle, and had no aftertaste whatsoever. They are as fat as we wanted them. The oyster liquor in them tasted absolutely delish and marvellous. The delicata squash, on the other hand, was a dish that left us completely perplexed. How, in the world, could sweet potatoes, egg yolk, furikake, gochujang (red chilli paste) aioli, and yuzu tobiko (fish roe) taste so balanced and good? This dish had a perfect balance. The squash was very creamy and kind of sweet, almost. The salty part of the sweet potatoes alongside the squash made perfect harmony (in our mouths).


Following the first two dishes, and being left completely astonished, we proceeded to order a set of crispy Ivory Fries and a Steak Tartare. The fries were, without doubt, one of the top 3 fries I have ever tried. They had parsley, garlic, and were served with a stunning caviar mayo. The Steak Tartare, additionally, had this inexplicable flavour that made us really stop and savour it. The amalgamation of the shrimp chips and the oily steak tartare was really a flavour bomb for us.

After many cocktails, and even dessert! We had the amazing tots & caviar (which had chive, apple miso puree, and were buttermilk fried) but we'll save those photos for the continuance of the review, in which we will showcase several entrees and small plates.

From the "Sweets" part of the menu, we absolutely had to try the Affogato, or affogato al caffe, as Bradley knows it. Their housemade black sesame ice cream and the espresso were an absolutely delicious dessert, and is one that will be our go-to for years to come!


Undoubtedly, the Ivory Pearl Bar did not disappoint. The younger sister to The Baldwin Bar and The Blossom Bar has an amazing food menu and an even exclusively designed cocktail menu designed specifically to pair with their fresh raw bar selection. From Latin Dahlias to coffee liqueur based cocktails, to something staggering close to an old fashioned, yet impossible to describe/decipher, the Ivory Pearl's raw bar and its extensive cocktail menu made an impact on our way of seeing seafood. We highly recommend this place, and delicata squash (o, my!). We rate it 5/5.



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