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The Baldwin & Sons Trading Co.

Flabbergasted... were my exact words after leaving this place. This was our second time going there (we've already written about its patio here), and we were not disappointed at all. Upon arriving at the place (we'd made a reservation through Tock), we loved the home feeling vibe. The place itself is super interesting (and we do not use this word lightly), as it is filled with full of weird (different) and unique items, artsy drink containers, etc.


This time we were visiting to try more drinks and new food, but we fell for the easy way out. We'd been offered a shared drink for all of us, and since we all like similar stuff, we decided to try it. The greatest thing about the place, besides, well... everything, is the fact they make shared drinks according to your taste-- in this case we wanted something smoky, with mezcal, citrusy, and not too sweet. We were amazed at the accuracy of the bartender.

Our Swan!

Our food, once again, was great, as well! We adore their liberal use of garlic and peppers in the food, as it is something we are very fond of, as well. We started this night with some amazing otherworldly wings (we've talked about this before), and the crab rangoons! Gosh, they tasted so amazing... Each of us ordered something different this time for the entrees, because what's the point of ordering the same thing, right?

Erick, Bradley's brother, ordered the Beef Lo Mein, and he enjoyed it, though he commented he'd loved it more had it had more meat in it (he loves meat). Brad had the Pork with Spicy Garlic Sauce, which was something different for him. It was a mixture of spicy and sweet (not sure if he lied, LOL), and was very good. and I had the Baby Eggplant with the Spicy Garlic Sauce and chicken. First, it was no baby... it was huge! And the chicken was minced to really small pieces, which made it, altogether, more enjoyable.

It was so much food, we could not finish it, and grabbed some of the entrees to go (never a dull choice there).


The Baldwin & Sons Trading Co. is definitely a place worth coming back to, even though Brad didn't let us taste the Dahlia the bartender made for him (he claimed it was GREAT, though). It is a place worth becoming a regular, due to the very consistent great service, and the consistency of the great food and drinks. We're upgrading our rating by .1 point from the 4.9 it had to 5/5 because it is a place people can just disappear to, and not have a care in the world. And we'd like to show you this small video of the bartender making the drink for Brad. The video does the guy no justice, though, as for you to experience it as we did in person, you'd have to go in person as well, and it is to fall in love with.

All credits for the song goes to SICKICKMUSIC !


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