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The Blossom Bar 🌸

Just when you think you’ve tried the best wings in town, you head to the next town over and you get slapped in the face with even more amazing wings, and similarly greatly crafted cocktails. The place we’re about to talk about has been around for a long time (with a different name, of course), and has definitely not lost its touch nor flavour. Prepare to experience foodgasm.


What was known as Sichuan Garden (owned by Ran Duan’s parents), became the Blossom Bar in 2017, after Duan closed the previous restaurant to renovate. By opening The Blossom Bar, they closed the gap between cultures by offering different experiences through drinks and a mixture of well cooked Szechuan cuisine.

On this visit, after being encouraged to try this place out, we were quite impressed at the location. It was super clean, organized, and chic. The food was AMAZING, and the drinks were superb.

It is actually with great sadness we admit this but, the food (we had only appetizers that day) was better than the one at The Baldwin Bar! The wings were actually SO MUCH better, and that was really impressive, as we thought the food from The Baldwin Bar was incredibly tasty.


On this place, we started off with some drinks (obviously). The drinks were great. I had the Broken Spanish (an amazing concoction of Don Julio Blanco, Avocado, Coconut, Thai Basil decorated with a chapuline rim). Such a refreshing and quality drink. This drink made my taste buds go tingling. Brad, on the other hand, had the Tito Puente, which is a very spirit forward drink with Knob Creek Rye, Toasted Coconut, East India Sherry, Punt e Mes, Del Maguey Vida, and awesomeness and care poured into it. Both drinks are strongly recommended if, for one, you’re looking to refresh on a hot summer afternoon, and/or want to relax after a stressful business week.


For Brad’s next drink, he had a very strong cocktail. It’s called the Naked Mile, and boy, was he about to walk one! He ordered it with Mezcal instead (he loves that). This version had mezcal, aperol, pamplemousse, and fresh lime. It was very smoky, and citrusy— just the way he loves it. And I had the Pulque (subbed with mezcal, as well. The Pulque, instead of having its usual El Tesoro “Orlovsky” single barrel, had the mezcal, licor 43, soursop verde, pineapple, lime, and topo chico.


Our apps were the sweet pungent ribs and the chengdu dry hot chicken wings. Both were unnecessarily good… and the reason we say that is because why’d you give a customer something so good, that after trying those wings, you’ll feel like every other wing (on any other place) isn’t up to your standards. The sweet pungent ribs were delicious, though we had to order a side of hot sauce, which made it MUCH better.

Overall, the place was great! It was neat, kind of hip. Food was amazing, and the drinks are to be judged by the person going to the place (almost everybody we know love them, and so do we). The one thing we have to object to is that there was a bit of a wait after we got sat, and it was honestly understood, as they were packed, and it was really busy. The music was also on point! It made everything better. We rate the spot 4.9/5!

PS. We failed to mention we received a complimentary drink from the bar. They refused to give us a name for it, but it was so good! This place can make drinks for parties as little as 2 (or 1) to parties of 6 (or more). Those shared drinks are endless... believe us.


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