Ya Mas Greek Taverna

The Greeks’ rich history and culture permeates worldwide– influencing the likes of great chefs such as Athanasios Sioras, and his partner Evangelios, to bring authentic and genuine Greek cuisine to the United States, therefore creating a unique and fascinating experience where customers can fully immerse themselves into this absorbing place, which we have yet to mention.

What I truly love about Greek cuisine is that it is composed of lots of foods I always enjoy and relish, such as

olive oil, fruits, cheeses, wines, and spices. Most traditional recipes have the previous ingredients, and what's most lovable is that it is not influenced by one culture only. Their influences are from all over Europe, Asia, and Africa.


Ya Mas Greek Taverna is the place we last visited. Its authenticity was remarkable. Its flavors were interestingly provocative and piquant, and they were new to us! The taste in each of their dishes was idiosyncratic and wholesome.

First, we would like to mention that this place was fascinating and beguiling. The place was full of blue eyes, vintage ads, and family heirlooms. There is a total amount of 500 pictures on the wall (they all look so well put together). When one steps in Ya Mas, one is transported into the Greek lands... it's absorbing and alluring. There are at least 10 things that will pique your interest and have you wonder-- "what the heck is that?"


The food.

The food was, as you might've guessed by now, heavenly. Every single dish we tried was rich in flavors and very tasty. All of their food offerings are farm to table. Every single dish is made with local ingredients (and by local, we mean very local, and sometimes national), and all ingredients are hand-selected.

We started our dining experience with their grilled octopus and the stuffed grape-leaves.

The octopus had a very peculiar taste-- Mediterranean-like, in a way, and it's funny because it is an actual Mediterranean octopus -wild-caught (and without knowing that, it was the first thing that came to mind). It had, as a side, an imam bayildi ratatouille, fresh herbs, and a sea fennel. It was so tender and fresh, and the combination of the two sides of it were delectable.

The stuffed grape-leaves consisted of American wagyu beef, rice, fresh herbs, and an egg-lemon sauce. The meat was so juicy, so dainty, so flavorful we were just crazy about it!

We, then, proceeded to try their house-made Spanakopita, which features handmade phyllo (which is the type of dough typically used in Mediterranean cooking and is used for pastries, pies, etc), organic spinach, wild greens, scallions, beechwood barrel-aged Greek feta, fresh herbs, extra virgin olive oil, and manouri (which is another type of Greek semi-soft cheese, and very, very delicious). It was our first time trying any Spanakopita, and it will not be our last, because it was so delicious, so creamy, so heavenly. We were spinach fans before this. I bet you could guess what we are now.