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Angel of Harlem

In the heart of Harlem, a super funky, and fun spot was opened six years ago. Angel of Harlem is located right on the corner of 122nd Street & Frederick Douglass Blvd. You would never be able to miss such an energetic and moody place.


Known for its famous brunches every weekend, AoH does not cease to bring a smile to every customer that arrives — from its welcoming hostesses to all the hardworking staff, to the bartenders who are always putting on a show.

We really enjoyed the live DJ (DJ Kando NYC) that was playing that afternoon. It really made the place elevate and made everyone connect and vibe together (we’re going to show you in a bit!).

On this visit, we had (of cooooourse) unlimited mimosas and red sangrias. The mimosas were amazing... sparkly as ever, and the sangrias were really flavourful. They were as refreshing as ever on that hot summer afternoon!

We had the Frederick Douglass Burger, the Lobster Ravioli, Steak & Egg. As far as bar food goes, these dishes were divine!

The Frederick Douglas burger (Angus beef, lettuce, onions, brioche bread roll, Angel sauce, manchego cheese, and avocado) was beastly, yet worthy of Brad. Juicy, and greasily satisfying would be an appropriate term to describe it. But to go even further, it was absolutely ambrosial (burger lovers will understand Brad). The lobster ravioli was really good and creamy. The steak and egg can be a delicious and nutritious meal when ordered the way you like it. We chose to have the eggs over easy and the steak medium-rare.


After the food, we just sat and enjoyed the place. The music was just very enjoyable and danceable. The DJ was very friendly and open to requests. And everybody was just dancing!

The people there definitely know how to put on a show, and the best part is none of it is planned. People just connect and start dancing to the same melodies at the exact same time.

Wall art can be appreciated throughout the whole place, and the best thing is it's mostly local artists!

The place is definitely number one for brunch in Harlem, and most definitely at the top for brunches in Uptown NYC. We loved it and will visit again soon.


Enjoy this video to have a feel of what the place feels like on a regular brunchin' basis! The video certainly is an understatement of what it is and feels like, but it's what we could provide! It's so much better to immerse and experience for oneself.

Music creds to Sickickmusic!


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