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Triana's Real Mexican Food

If you're taco lover, or an overall Mexican food (& I mean real Mexican food) lover, you must pass by Haverhill and enjoy Mexico in Massachusetts. There's a tiny spot near Downtown Haverhill on 30 Emerson Street that's filled with Mexican delights, and unbelievably good food.


From tacos, to mulitas. Quesadillas & tortas, birria tostadas, to birria tacos and everything with barria, this place has got so many things to choose from (Mexican), and everything is so authentic and so friggin' delicious you'll go nuts in here.

On our visit here, we ordered a couple of things, but before we got our entrees we were rather impressed with the decor and the wall art. Especially the Plaza del Zócalo one! It's so full of history-- it's commonly referred to as "Arms Square."

We ordered some jarritos & Mexican drinks (horchatas) to start then went straight for the entrees. I had the Birria Tostadas, which are 3 tostadas topped with birria, lettuce, onion, cilantro, tomato, and cotija cheese. They were honestly too much (they're not shy with the portions of anything!), and I could only eat one of them but it was fit for a queen. Absolutely scrumptious.

The others had the most famous dishes at the place, and boy, they were so appetizing! Erick had the Birria Tacos with chorizo, Matt had the regular chicken tacos, and Brad had a monster burrito with Mexican chorizo. You could only smell it before it arrived and it sure was making everybody in the room anxious.

The food was so tasty, so flavorful, so gosh! But before we proceed to show you more of the dishes we had, we must first inform you of what Birria is. "Birria is a type of stew that's traditionally made with goat but transformed into beef slow-cooked in adobo, a mixture of chiles, onion, garlic, vinegar, and spices, according to Claudette Zepeda of Food & Wine. Knowing that, prepare for awesomeness while planning your trip to Triana's Real Mexican Food.

We all agreed that the pictures that were taken do not do the joint and the food justice because it simply is hard to describe what one experiences when one visits this place and tries the food out. But, we can tell you one thing... this place is for real Mexican food lovers, and if you truly enjoy some authentic Mexican food, this place won't disappoint and we can guarantee it 100%.


Overall, we rate this place 5/5 stars, as it is something we'd been looking for in Massachusetts and we had yet to encounter such authentic place. We're glad we did. Triana, keep doing such amazing job.


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