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Hi, everyone!

I want to write to you today regarding an issue that’s been around for a long time! It’s affected me at one point in my life, it’s probably affected you, and it’s been a part of everyone at some point in their lives (or so I’d like to believe).

What I want to write about is organising oneself, and organisation in general.

There are a few things I have done to keep track of everything whilst having a very busy and fast life. And I’ll explain them one by one.

As mentioned above-- we’ve got to begin by organising one’s phone if we’re to have everything in order.

  • Most of us do not realise this, but a messy phone screen can lead to many distractions when we need to be focusing on a specific task.

  • The longer it takes us to find an app on a phone, the more precious time we lose (which could be done to accomplish productive tasks).

  • Placing applications on one’s phone under folders (categories) is extremely useful in this case. It saves time & gets the job done easier, as we don’t have to swipe to the right or left of the screen to find that specific app.

Make use of your phone’s default applications!!!

I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to use the applications our phones come with! We need to make use of applications like Notes (on iOS), Samsung Notes (Samsung).

  • Whenever we get ideas we must write it down! Ideas come and go, and sometimes we forget the things that come to our heads. No one’s got a perfect memory, and if you do, God bless ya!

  • Notetaking is extremely important because it is a good way to organise information from projects, from work, and life, in general.

  • Well taken notes can help you reminisce exact feelings about how you felt towards a topic you liked or disliked.

An app that is really underrated for some people but I think it is essential for those who live a constant fast life is Reminders (iOS), or Bixby Reminder (Samsung). Some people even go as far as talking to their phone to create reminders either using Bixby or Siri, which I think is extremely useful.

Reminders are a great way to save money, too! If you’re one of those that forget that their phone bill is due on the 20th of each month, simply “Siri, remind me to pay the phone bill on November 19th, please,” and that will be added to your Reminders app, and boom! No more late fees due to forgetting.

If you’re a person with many bills, then I would go as far as recommending applications that keep track of bills for you and reminds you (such as Truebill). Using Truebill really comes with great benefits, such as:

  • Getting notifications for bank fees & charges, new recurring charges, bill increases, upcoming bills, etc.

It’s important for us to remember to slow down. It is really important to slow down and appreciate the things we’ve got. Family, friends, pets. We’ve got to make time for us. And that is why I’ve gathered some information to make our lives easier in managing small but tedious things such as bills and making our productivity go up.

I hope you found this useful, and share if you did! Thank you!!


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