Lavish drinks, fine tapas

This beautiful, Instagramable place carries timeless elegance in its décor, drinks, and ambiance, and food, making it the perfect place to share food and enjoy amazing drinks while conversing with friends, family, and/or a loved one.


To start, we were greeted by the amazingly, fast and efficient staff which welcomes you in a very warming way. There isn’t a moment to waste when you’re here. It’s upbeat, it’s fast paced, and it makes you feel alive when you’re in there.

The drinks they’ve curated at Mariel have matched Yvonne’s and Lolita’s in taste, exquisiteness, and strength. They’ve undoubtedly found the recipe for perfection at every stage.

Our server, Jonathan (gr8 server and guy), recommended we order a Mojito Pitcher. It was A1! So many drinks into one pitcher, we couldn’t even finish it. But the taste was great, despite all the ice it had in order to keep it cold.


It was literally on fire.


We started off with some mozzarella waffle sticks and some yuka cheese puffs and THEY WERE DELISH! The waffle sticks were stuffed with melted mozzarella cheese and came with a spicy guava- lime maple dip and the puffs were accompanied by a sofrito remoulade, bijol, salt, and cilantro. They could not be any