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A breathtaking view, seasonal cocktails that will make your pants drop, and food that will, without doubt, have you coming back for more— all that can be experienced at Davio’s.

The feelings we underwent while at Davio’s were, on both occasions, phenomenal. They excel at so many parts of the job.

The people here are fascinating... truly. On both our visits to this place (and count on more), the food here was scrumptious, or how we would say: ”para chuparse los dedos.” From the bread, to the seafood, to the steak, and then the desserts. Everything just clicked.

Let us start off by sating we have never tried such mouthwatering seafood. We ordered (the first night we visited) a hot torre di pesce, which would translate to a “hot seafood tower.” We had the small one, or “piccolo.” Everything was extremely on point, from the lobster to the lump crab, from the shrimp to the oysters, the clams and the tuna, and the scallops.

When the time came to order the entrees, we must say, they’re really flexible, as to what you can mix and match (almost everything, IF NOT everything), and that is such a great thing. Brad ordered a mix|match of their hand-rolled potato gnocchi that had organic mushrooms, basil, white truffle oil & a lemon fusilli which had shrimp, hot cherry peppers, vermentino, lemon, and olive oil. And I had a filet mignon cooked medium-rare which tasted absolutely delightful.

The night was ended by Brad ordering a Butterscotch Budino which had chantilly cream, and a wafer twist and it tasted so, so good!


Our first night dining at Davio's and first time ever at the place was magical, so we went on to try it again to see if it really was fiction or it was the real deal.

We went for lunch on a cozy Friday afternoon and the atmosphere was just as great. The place really did not sell itself short to us, and it definitely confirmed what our minds were thinking: it really is it! It is the real deal. This time, however, wasn't. a celebratory night. It was a day to discuss and plan our projects and they made everything so much easier with their TEQUILA IS THE NEW FASHION cocktail and their amazing COSMO.

TEQUILA IS THE NEW FASHION is sort of like an old fashioned but had tequila (as the name proposes) instead of bourbon or rye. It tasted absolutely magnificent. It had your not so traditional cincoro reposado tequila (which is amazing by the way), muddled orange, amarena cherry, bitters. Your traditional cosmo, made with lots of love.


The Power Lunch was Bradley's weapon of choice, and it definitely served him well. He chose the watermelon, feta, arugula, and citrus vinaigrette salad, a fried oyster roll, and a cheesecake, which he does not remember at the moment the name.

I had the warm spinach, roasted peppers, portobello mushrooms, goat cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette salad with a filet mignon cooked medium-rare on top. It was delish.

It was beautifully finished with an espresso martini served in a coffee mug (just the way he loves it).

Davio's is the place where people go to not be disappointed and it's a place we will frequent for years to come, as long as their service remains how it is-- impeccable, and their food and cocktails remain the same way. This place is a gem located at the Boston seaport. We rate this place 5/5.


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