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Boston Eats

Hi, everyone!

This is the start of a series of posts coming up to the blog where my husband and I will be reviewing restaurants in New England (focusing more on Boston, because). I'm sure you'll be fascinated and/or surprised to some of the things restaurants offer in some places.

Lately, we've been exploring and revisiting many of the places we used to frequent before CoVid-19 hit us like a truck. And, since it's a little safer and cases are declining in the United States, we feel like we can finally start going out like we used to (#foodiesforlife).

The first restaurant we'll be reviewing is called Lolita. And we must say, beforehand, that this place is amazing! Once you're inside, you feel the vibes being completely chill and welcoming and it slowly starts transforming into an upbeat, feel good place. As soon as we got in, we heard it-- my husband's favorites, ranging from Buena Vista Social Club to Cheo Feliciano, Ibrahim Ferrer, and Compay Segundo, etc... and as it transitioned to the dinner time, it switched to house (EDM), which we both love!

As we got sat, we were welcomed by a refreshing and scary looking palate cleanser (which we loved, and my husband was constantly looking over his shoulder - LOL - because of the sound of the dry ice). We immediately ordered ourselves margaritas, as Brad had heard wonders of it (by me). He got himself a "Lolita," and I got a Diablo Marg. Do you guys know the feeling when something is utterly good and you're just like, "wow!"? Yep. That's how we felt when we had them.

For apps, we had the fresco guacamole and a sweet potatoe hummus (which was, OMG). After we tried the apps, we really didn't have much time to take pictures because Brad was just devouring them (mind you, he was in charge of the pictures).

In this short clip, you can briefly see the fresco guac and the sweet potato hummus, as well as my margarita (the Diablo one).


After the apps and one set of drinks, we ordered the entrees, which were also amazingly tasty, hot, and in a timely manner.

He had the CARNE ASADA and the GRILLED STEAK tacos, and both were cooked to perfection (medium-rare) and tasted like heaven. I had the LITTLE GEM SALAD with carne asada (medium-rare) on top and I believe that was the first time I've ever liked a salad so much!

I can't stress enough how good their food, service (shoutout to Hailey), and the ambiance, overall, is. We give this restaurant 5/5 stars.



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