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Black Cow

If there's ever been a place where people go for one or two things, I think Black Cow fits into that category. It's a place I introduced Brad about two years ago and he absolutely loved it merely because of the drinks and the calamaris [they] had at the time.

On this recent visit, however, things had changed up a little bit. Things obviously changed because of SARS-CoV-2. However, the restaurant seemed at full capacity and everything looked beautiful, just how we remember it.

We started off with a bottle of CANELLA Prosecco SUPERIORE VALDOBBIADENE EXTRA DRY “MILLESIMATO” DOCG which was pretty good, honestly. As long as proseccos are dry, it's likely we'll be happy with it. and then proceed to order an appetizer- calamaris.

Unfortunately, the calamaris' taste was a little off and they were very greasy (we know, they're deep fried and all). Bradley was really disappointed with them, as he'd been anxious to try those, once amazing, calamaris. He got over it quickly, as service had also been quite disappointing (we get it, it's busy... but service was really off).

I ordered a salad. It was fine. Brad ordered a burger-- it was called the THE COW BURGER, and was absolutely amazing (he expected as much, as bars shouldn't have problems with burger). He ordered it medium-rare and got it cooked to the right temperature. It was juicy, flavorful, and big. Bacon-onion jam, cajun onion strings, cheddar Alabama white bbq were the toppings and, oh, did they get along well.

After our entrees, Brad finished the order with their Clyde May’s Old Fashion, which was exquisite. Old fashioned's are usually good, but this one went beyond that. He was very satisfied with the drink.

Overall, this place is decent. It's located in a very nice area (Newburyport) and has nice views. The drinks are good, and certain entrees of them are absolutely delicious. So, if you don't mind a little delay on the food/service due to being busy or the server not handling it well, this place is for you.

As far as bars go, this place is more than ok, as bars aren't exactly places to expect an amazing dish (though some do have it). The ambiance is vibrant with hi-energy vibes. We rate this place 3/5, because of the place, the location of it, and its drinks.


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