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Sleek style meets affordability!

How many of you have obsessed over certain pieces that you just thought were unattainable or simply too expensive? I believe it’s happened to all of us at some point in our lives.

Lucky for us, Amazon came into existence, as well as technologies to help us find items that are similar to the ones that we find in certain pictures. All of this outfit was curated without spending more than $50 per piece.


This skirt is amazing for the hot days, as well as spring days. They have a huge collection and most of them can be found for just under $30 bucks! Its ability to simply let you express yourself in different ways is so fantastic, I don't think I've ever went a summer week without wearing one of these.

You can either click the picture or click here to shop now! They run out of sizes fast, so be sure to act quickly! You can combine these skirts with either dressy shirts or a tank top, like I did here. The versatility of combining different pieces together is the most fun you can ever have when dressing up.

Sometimes I get a chuckle out of the things I combine to make an amazing outfit. I used a sport bra with a big belt to make this happen. I loved it entirely. There is a huge selection of colors so there are endless combinations you can come up with, and that is such a great thing.

When styling simple pieces together, and magically coming up with an amazing outfit, there is definitely more than meets the eye. One should always cover any in betweens with a big belt, unless you're wearing a dress, pants, or jeans. Big belts also go with dresses, but I believe it comes down to the occasion or the preferences of the person wearing it.

The link to the top is here. Happy shopping!

And the link to a similar belt to the one in the picture is here

Because our lives are short we should not fret and tie ourselves to rules but rather enjoy the little things, such as a cute pair of sandals.

Truer words have never been spoken. Just kidding! There have, but this is a good one, I must admit. I believe the key to all outfits lie in the footwear. These sandals are called "Pretty Girl" and they're fantastic and lovely, and from MISS LOLA

Pretty Girl nude sandals

These pair are a favorite of mine and I wear them so often, I am planning to get all the colors they have! And the best part is these sandals are only $23.99 excluding all the promotions and discounts MISS LOLA is currently offering.

If we do the math here, one can conclude that with less than $100, we can curate an amazing outfit for any event.

Kate out!


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