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Boston Personal Stylist | Image Consultant providing style solutions and style upgrades for men and women.

Looking to build the wardrobe of your dreams, and develop your authentic style?


You've come to the right place! I work with both men and women of all ages to help their best selves emerge. As your trusted personal stylist, I will help create a versatile wardrobe, assemble a closet balanced between well-edited trends and stylish practicality, and help you decide when it's okay to splurge and when it's best to save. Together, we'll work on developing your "eye" so you can walk away knowing what works best for your lifestyle and body type.

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Going Beyond
the Frame

Eternal Chic Wide Leg Jeans - 4.png

Elevate your online presence with a custom website.

Invest in Growth

Achieving Growth

Our apparel essentials have been created with you in mind - the tireless entrepreneur or worker who just does not stop. Made with materials of superior quality, these pieces will last you a long time and will have you feeling as well as I do.

Apparel For The Tireless Worker!

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