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Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel

Our Work with Epoxy Resin

This is our page to showcase all the work we have done with Epoxy Resin. All of our handmade loving products have a story, and all have something to sell. If you appreciate any of them, we can discuss making one for you.


El Chupa Cabra

As funny, and mysterious as it sounds, this project has been one of the most fun for us, as it's allowed us to provide the trays (support) for the best seller drink for Vaka Restaurant (a place we love and did a review on the blog).


Pescado Frito Samana

When it comes to saving, we all want to save - especially when it's business-related. In order to save oneself from breaking or damaging a wooden board, Epoxy Resin is the best to cure and protect it.