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THE Juicer.

I will let you in on a little secret I’ve had for a couple of weeks now!


I have been using the ORFELD Cold Press Juicer ( for my green and natural juices! I tell you, this has got to be the number one juicer in the market at the moment!

It is the best way to enjoy pure juice—the way we like it. This ORFELD juice machine comes equipped with a seven-segment spiral system that allows the machine to chew through the vegetables and fruits without having any of its parts go to waste. Thus far, it has eased the way for us to drink healthier and lead a healthier lifestyle.

One of my favourite features about this juicer that some of the other juicers in the market do not have is that not only does it have a quiet motor, making it a really quiet operation, but it also has a detachable juicer for easier cleaning, and also comes with a brush to clean its insides.

This juicer is amongst the best we've ever tried, and amongst the most beautiful! It has a very smooth looking shape and colour that will leave about anybody with their jaws open!

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