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The Envoy's Lookout rooftop|bar

Envoy Hotel's harbor-side rooftop lounge offers cocktails, small plates & sweeping scenery.

I believe this is what they mean: ^

They cocktails are out of this world, their dishes are really delicious, and their scenery isn't sweeping. It has an all-inclusive view of Boston and its harbor, it is radical, it is expansive, and extended. tl;dr words don't come close to describing it nor its atmosphere. The place relaxes you not only because of the sea breeze that blows through there, but also its chill music and energetic servers/bartenders.

When arriving, we were greeted by a charming hostess and then received by an amazing server. We ordered a bottle of prosecco followed by long chats about business and strategies. After coming up with some sort of understanding regarding what to do, Bradley decided to order for the both of us. I had the Smoked Salmon Toast without the sourdough bread (replacled with aurugula), and bRad had the chorizo flatbread.

The chorizo flatbread had ricotta cheese, arugula, pickled jalapeños, and lime crema and was absolutely light, delicious, and savoury. My dish had whipped cream cheese, tomatoes, capers, dill, pickled red onions, arugula, and puffed amaranth (which is rich in fiber and protein, and lots of micronutrients).

Overall, I think the music of this place made the atmosphere of itself great, the people's release of chemosignals tells you everyone's enjoying it and are there for a great time, and the drinks (from previous times we've went) and food are straight from heaven. This place will always be a 5/5, so whether it's to enjoy a nice afternoon out, go on about a festive night, or relax and talk business in a brunch morning, this place has it all.


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