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Cliff House Maine 🌅

A hotel that will leave you speechless. An amazing place for a quick getaway. It has endless views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Maine. It is picturesque, panoramic, and uninterrupted.

The cleanliness of the place is impeccable, the friendliness and professionalism of the staff is unmatched, and the elegance and atmosphere is absolute and magnificent. We have talked before about the benefits of sea breeze here.

The Cliff House Maine is located in a really peculiar place... at the cliff. Literally. The grounds are breathtaking and the inside of the hotel is even better. It's classic with a touch of modern elegance. Their history is rich, and can all be read on the hotel's murals, but is it not amazing that this hotel is from the 1870's, and is in such good shape? You would not think such a hotel could have rooms that are this nice, and a structure that's so firm is this old.

They have such a huge, and exquisite selection of art that if I were to stand there, and photograph each of them, that would have probably taken me over 30 minutes, but all of them are so naturalistic and graduated.

Their restaurant‘s food is great, for both— night and morning menus. The Nubb’s Shack has an amazzzzzing double cheese burger, and offers a great selection of canned beers and delicious cocktails. They’re located right by the outdoor hot tub, which is, by the way, phenomenal.


Overall, we believe The Cliff House Maine hotel deserves each and single rating it's gotten from every single customer, as they are totally worth it. Every single penny was. It is a gorgeous facility. It is, without doubt, one of the best hotels Maine has to offer-- proudly. They are kid friendly, adult friendly, couples friendly and overall friendly. You cannot go wrong with a stay at this place. We rate it 5/5

Here are some of the pictures we took during our stay. The rest will shortly be on Instagram!


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